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Please note that it is possible that DHL Paket hands over to a delivery organisation based in your country. If you have experienced a time delay in delivery via DHL Paket, we have no possibility to have contact with your local post office in your country, so please contact us at [email protected] to initiate a tracing process with DHL on the German side.

After the customs clearance, DHL Paket will pass the parcel to the local operator and the parcel will arrive at the post office: for Russia - it is Russian Post, for Kazakhstan - Kazpochta, for Belarus - partner service, for Ukraine - Meest. Let us know if you've had parcels from across the border during the calendar month - the amount of duty-free imports from 2020 is 200 euro for the EAEU countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan); 150 euro for Ukraine. If you exceed the limits - provide an additional address on the new recipient in a special field.

Available for delivery:

The list of countries available for delivery is constantly expanding due to the removal of COVID restrictions


Canada • USA 


Bangladesh • Bhutan • Brunei Darussalam • Cambodia • Indonesia • India • Japan • Malaysia • Pakistan • Philippines • Singapore • Taiwan • Thailand  • Fiji • French Guiana • French Polynesia • Guinea


Armenia • Azerbaijan • Belarus • Georgia • Kazakhstan • Moldova

Middle East:

United Arab Emirates


When ordering more than products get 3% discount on the amount of Cart.

When ordering more than products get 5% discount on the amount of Cart.