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RYTESTHIN Drops Röwo 576, 30 ml

RYTESTHIN Drops Röwo 576, 30 ml

RYTESTHIN Tropfen Röwo 576

Manufacturer: medphano Arzneimittel GmbH

PZN: 02380886

Dosage: Tropfen

Content: 30 ml

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RYTESTHIN Drops Röwo 576, 30 ml

Instructions for use for RYTESTHIN Drops Röwo 576, 30 ml

Application areas:
The areas of application are derived from the homeopathic drug images.
These include: nervous disorders.

10 g (corresponding to 10.7 ml) contain an ingredient in drugs:
Asa foetida d4 dil. 0.5 g of Myristica fragrans d4 dil. 0.5 g Valeriana Officinalis D3 Dil. 0.5 g cinnamomum d4 dil. 1.0 g Lupulinum (hab 34) D4 dil. 0.5 g [HAB, V. 4a, Ø mit Ethanol 86% (m/m)] Semecarpus Anacardium D6 Dil. 0.5 g Strychnos Ignatii d6 dil. 0.5 g potassium bromatum d6 dil. 0.5 g

The drug components ASA FOETIDA DIL., MYRISTICA fragrans d4 dil., Cinnamomum d4 dil. and lupulinum (hab 34) d4 dil. as well as the drugs that are effective. and potassium bromatum d6 dil. are potentiated together over 2 levels.

The other components are: ethanol, cleaned water.

Detailed instructions for RYTESTHIN Drops Röwo 576, 30 ml

Active ingredients / ingredients / ingredients

50 mg Asa foetida (hom./anthr.)
100 mg cinnamomum zeylanicum (hom./anthr.)
50 mg potassium bromatum (hom./anthr.)
50 mg lupulinum (hom./anthr.)
50 mg Myristica fragrans (Hom./anthr.)
50 mg semecarpus anacardium (hom./anthr.)
50 mg Strychnos Ignatii (Hom./anthr.)
50 mg Valeriana Officinalis (Hom./anthr.)
Ethanol Hedge substance (+)


Read the package supplement and ask your doctor or pharmacist for risks and side effects.

Rytesthin drops Röwo 576 (pack size: 30 ml) are subject to pharmacy and can be purchased in your mail order pharmacy Apodiscounter.

Manufacturer:  medphano Arzneimittel GmbH, Maienbergstraße 10-12, 15562 Rüdersdorf
Rytesthin drops Röwo 576 is one of the preparations from nature, which enjoy growing popularity and which you can buy online particularly quickly in your nature pharmacy. Especially in the case of lighter diseases or children, these remedies of natural origin are highly recommended. Have products from nature, they are applied correctly and dosed, lower side effects, in general better tolerance. In many means from nature, potency/dilution is generated in order to produce a over -the -counter, non -prescription remedy, means, preparations, alternative medicine products. In the area of homeopathy, globules, sugar corners or saccharosis skills are often used as a carrier. Detailed advice Further information on naturopathy, homeopathy or biochemistry can be inquired about in our pharmacy online pharmacy instantet pharmacy pattern pharmacy discount pharmacy nature.

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